Thursday, November 4, 2010

David Cassidy Auditioning For Celebrity Rehab

On the day that Lil' Wayne was released from the slammer in the Northeast, another celebrity went into the slammer in the Southeast. David Cassidy was arrested for DUI on Wednesday, November 3, 2010.

Cassidy was stopped by Florida Highway Patrol after he was seen driving extremely erratically. He was administered a breath test which registered .14 well above the legal limit in Florida. A half-full bottle of bourbon was spotted on the back seat of Cassidy's Mecerdes.

What was the singer and former heartthrob's excuse? He consumed a glass of wine at lunch and a hydrocodone tablet later in the afternoon.

Yea, Right.

Hasn't he learned by now that you're not supposed to drink and drive?

The only thing that GossipPearl could think of is that Cassidy is auditioning for Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, because getting busted for DUI at 60 years old is where the actor will probably end up.

I bet Dr. Drew is just itching to get his hands on the former singer and heartthrob.

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