Thursday, November 11, 2010



Angelina Jolie is gracing the cover of the December issue of Vogue and, as always, our girl looks BELLA. Gossip Pearls wants to hate her, but she's such a good humanitarian; how can you hate her?

In the mag, Jolie talks about her kids, Brad (mmmm), nannies, dogs and home life.

For one thing, we learn that, Maddox, almost raised her,


Shiloh found a dead bird and wanted to keep it, but Jolie told her no, she should get one from a taxidermist instead.

Feels most in love with Pitt when he's with the kids.

You can read it all in the December issue of Vogue which Gossip Pearls will be running to get as soon as it's released!

Robert Downey, Jr.:

Ccourtesy of

 Have you seen the new Planters Peanuts commercial, well, my friends, that is our very own "Iron Man" Robert Downey, Jr.

That's right folks, Downey is now doing commercials. Weird, huh? I guess he needs the money.

We knew that American actors would go overseas to do commercial but they never did it here in the United States where they could be recognized and lower their cred, but I guess now it doesn't matter.


"Teen Mom" Amanda Abraham:

After trying to keep her baby daughter's paternal grandmother away from the child, Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, was unable to keep her daughter away from the grandmother, Stormie Clark, forever.

Star magazine is reporting that Stormie finally met the baby girl by chance in a park when the child was with her nanny.

Stormie talked to Star magazine  about how it felt to finally see the daughter of her son who died before the child was born.

Gossip Pearls recommends you pick our favorite magazine The Star and the read the whole story!

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