Tuesday, December 21, 2010


After everything that Lindsey Lohan has been through, you would think that she would have wised up by now and tried to get herself together so she could go back to her life and perhaps get some work and some sympathy from the public. Oh no! Not Lindsey.

Seems our girl decided she wanted to celebrate the holidays, so she and her Betty Ford rommies decided to go to a bar!

Wait isn't that defeating the purpose of being in rehab?

Lohan, 24 and her roommates reportedly went to a bar on December 11. After returning to Betty Ford Center, the group got involved in an altercation with a staffer and the police were called. Reportedly, the staffer wants Lohan prosecuted. Lohan's people, of course, are spinning a different story. The rehab seeking actress is saying that the Betty Ford staffer put her hands on her first and then Lohan told the staffer, "Take your hands off me" and pushed the woman away.

Gossip Pearls believes this: the staffer put her hands on Lohan, probably to tell her to go to her room or test the actress for drugs and alcohol and Lohan and her roommates having had a few drinks (remember, they were at a bar) probably hit the woman and now Lohan is facing a jail sentence.

Gossip Pearls thinks she should do some jail time. It's time already! Lohan has had so many chances and she doesn't care.

What we don't understand is why Lohan who is a talented actress is unable to get hired in Hollywood, despite her problems, yet Charlie Sheen who behaves worse than she does is the highest paid actor on television making millions per episode on CBS.

You can read more on this story: http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/movies/lindsay_lohan_suspect_in_criminal_CrhtUA5EQFCXykLh9GHCdI#ixzz18mGsYMeV

Update 4:45 pm EST: TMZ reporting that LiLo wants the B*@%h fired, ASAP!

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