Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Left: Holly Madison, Right: Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris
Courtesy USmagazine

How messed up is it to be Holly Madison right now. Life & Style magazine spoke to the platinum blond playmate who told the magazine she is not "OK" with this whole engagement thing!

Well, Swettie, Gossip Pearls is with you!

Madison, Hugh Hefner's ex-girl friend, says Hef, 84, and founder of Playboy magazine, is "making a hasty decision" by getting engaged to 24-year-old Playmate Crystal Harris.

As the star of her own reality show, "Holly's World" on the E! cable television channel, Madison filmed a meeting between herself and the couple after reading about their engagement on Twitter.

Damn, Hef didn't even call you to tell you that he was getting married?

That was cold, girl!

Gossip Pearls thinks there is more to this story. Did Madison do something to Hef that we don't know about before she moved out of the mansion? Is Hef losing his mind (alzheimer)?

At any rate, Gossip Pearls thinks Holly Madison was treated pretty shabbily by Hef after being with him for six years. She deserved at least a telephone call. After all, she stayed with his old ass cause she wanted to get married; have a baby; live in the mansion; and inheret some Playboy money after he died. And what did she get after six years of sleeping with a wringled old man?

Nada, Zilch!


Listen all you young women who want to marry for money, don't waste more than two years on anyone. If after two years, there is no plans for a wedding. Drop everything and find someone else because he is obviously not interested.

Great advice from Gossip Pearls!!!

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