Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well it didn't take long folks. The Today Show confirmed that the man with the "Golden Voice", elevated to stardom from obscurity and homelessness was detained by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Access Hollywood and Hollywood Reporter reported that police were called Monday night in response to a call of disturbance at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, where they were staying for appearances on the "Dr. Phil" show to air Tuesday and Wednesday.

Williams, 53, was reunited with his ex-wife Patricia Pullien-Kirtley and five of his nine children, including daughters Julia Pullien and Jenay Williams, stepdaughter Tricia Pullien, and sons Desmond Jackson and Tyrell Williams.

Nine kids.? He was a busy man before he started living on the streets.

Well readers, we know how those shows go. The producers will say and do anything to start drama and keep it going until taping is over and they have enough footage for a one hour show.

Gossip Pearls loves "Dr. Phil"We often wonder where the show finds their guests. Some of those people are "unbelievable". Ted Williams, however, needs special, private care, and airing his fragile and fractured family relationship on national television, in our humble opinion, was not the way to go. 

Let's all stop thinking ratings and think about this poor man's frail mental state. Whoever is in charge of handling his appearances should slow down a little.Gossip Pearls wishes Mr. Williams well and we hope he gets the proper help he needs.

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