Sunday, January 23, 2011


Skins Cast

Gossip Pearls had not watched "Skins" when all the brouhaha began, so I asked my other Gossip Pearls co-workers to tell me about the show.

"Oh it's cute," they answered, "A bunch of teenagers running around trying to get laid all the time".

"Well, I said, "Isn't that what teenagers do?"

"Not my teens", said one co-worker.

"Well except his teenagers," isn't that what teenagers do?"

"Yes," my co-workers said, "and now they're doing it on television, but the teenagers on the CW's "Hellcats" -- the show about cheerleaders -- is pretty risqué as well."

"Not really," said another, "Hellcats" actually deals with other issues; they have a storyline."

"I also hear that the actors on the show "Skins" are actually teenagers."

"You heard correct," answered one young man with a creepy smile on his face.

"You have a creepy smile on your face," I said, but he just kept the smile on his face as he looked far away I imagined thinking of the last episode he watched of his new favorite show.

"Hmmm every one's making such a big deal about the show being close to pornographic, and Taco Bell and Wrigley's have pulled their advertisements, it must be the best show on television, I thought.

So, the lesson here is, bad publicity is good publicity because Gossip Pearls had not seen the show and now I will be tuning in with the rest of my co-workers and we can discuss the show.

That's how we started watching "Jersey Shore". We would not have started watching the show if it were not for the negative publicity surrounding it. Once the Italian organizations started condemning the show, Gossip Pearls just had to tune in and now we're hooked.

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