Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hot rumor roaming the internet that Bristol Palin will have her memoir published this summer.

Isn't Bristol a little young for a memoir? Is she retiring? Is she dying? We thought memoirs were for people who had lived their lives, had accomplished important things in the world and wanted to write the facts down for history.

Looks like anyone can write a memoir. Perhaps this writer should write a memoir. I'm older than Bristol. Granted I didn't have a child out of wedlock or appear on Dancing With The Stars, but I've had some interesting experiences.

Are the Teen Moms going to write Memoirs too?

The Associated Press (so glad we have the AP) was able to view a spreadsheet for publisher HarperCollins, which included "Untitled Bristol Palin Memoir" with a release date of Aug. 16 and moved to June 21.

Wow, it's that good that they had move the date up? also listed it earlier this week but has since been removed it from its site.

Palin who recently moved to Arizona with her boyfriend who, by the way, is her former fiance's ex-boyfriend, indicated in an interview with E! News her desire was to go back to school and someday write a book.

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