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Christopher Lee is a married, now ex-congressman, from western New York with a young son. He is 46.
The New York Daily News
If anyone was looking to get caught cheating this guy in the picture surely was.

Talk about moron moves!!!

Christopher Lee was forced to step down as state representative of New York because he decided, of all things, to email a picture himself with no shirt on to a woman who was not his wife in answer to a personal ad the woman placed on Craigslist personal ad section.

"You never get caught the first time," the 34-year-old woman, who wants to remain anonymous, told TheLoop21, a black issues blog in Washington.

Well, honey, you are a genius. You are so right!

The woman said the congressman used his real name and an email address which led to his Facebook page.

We have some really smart people running our country, Folks!!!
 "The lesson is, if you're going to do dirt, do it anonymously. People cheat everyday, but only dumb people get caught," she said.

Thank you, Ma!!!

This girl should be in Congress!

the article describes the woman as a single and successful, 34-year-old African American glamazon, dating and socializing in "the diamond district." Her weekends are spent sharing cocktails in posh spots and chatting about the latest news and gossip with friends.

Sounds all the single girls we know. Can we come out and hang out with you?

Done with the dating scene in Washington, D.C., our girl decided to post a personal ad on Craigslist...just to see what would pop up. She posted an ad seeking men who didn't "look like toads."

"It was all done tongue-in-cheek," she said.  

We guess she was throwing out a fishing line and seeing what she caught.

Well, what she caught was 30 responses, and included in those responses, was "Mr. Chesty", Congressman Chris Lee. The Congressman described himself as divorced, 39-years old and a very fit lobbyist who is a fun and classy guy.

Of course, we all now know that Mr. Chesty is 46-years old, married, from New York and has a son.

She laughed about the whole thing with friends for weeks before sending the pictures and emails to Gawker who promptly posted it on their website.

Glamazon says she does not feel sorry for Mr. Chesty, and neither do we.

He deserves everything that's coming to him.

So, Folks, the Republicans have been in power for a little over one month and already things are getting hot. It's going to be a fun two years. The party that likes to preach "God and Family" is about to start going down in flames.

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