Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oscar-Winning Director Of 'Oceans 11' Is A New Daddy And The Baby Mama Is Not His Wife, Jules Asner

Are we looking at the latest hot Hollywood divorce?

Steven Soderbergh, Oscar-winning director of 'Traffic' and 'Oceans 11' has been hit by a paternity lawsuit.

If he was our husband, he would be out the door, the moment we found out, cause you know he has money in the bank and Jules Asner is no shrinking violet. The girl got game!

Reports have Soderbergh in Sydney during the period in question. Apparently, he was directing a film called "Tot Mom."

Sounds prophetic. Weird!

Anderson has hired famed legal expert Raoul Felder, which means, she means business!
Soderbergh has offered to pay for the "medical and other expenses in relation to the pregnancy."

Guess what? Anderson wants child support and she doesn't want to have to work anymore--DUMMY!

NOTE TO JULES ASNER: Gossip Pearls says, get a divorce, SOONER RATHER THAN LATER, take half of everything, and go have some fun!

There may not be much left after the baby mama gets finished with your man!

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