Friday, March 25, 2011


People have been asking if Elizabeth Taylor really had violet eyes.

Well, my dears, she did.

The fantabulous actress was born with with two rare mutations that gave her a double row of eyelashes and gave her pupils her trademark violet color.

For all you science nerds, variations in single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPS, near the OCA2 gene, which are responsible for the color of your eyes, hair, and skin.

People who came in contact with her would be mesmerized by her eyes. 

In the 1970's Todd McCarthy, a reporter for Hollywood Reporter, wrote about a meeting with the actress. "What should abruptly stop me in my tracks," he wrote, "but a pair of eyes unlike I've ever beheld, before or since; deep violet eyes of a sort withheld from ordinary mortals that were suddenly looking up into mine from mere inches away."

Looks like he was in the presence of a great person, and he was. Her life was full of drama, she was a great actress and got what she wanted.  Today's celebrities pale in comparison to Liz Taylor, both in lifestyle and talent.

There will never be another.

R.I.P. Great Lady!

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